Principles of Quality Management – Customer Focus (next process)

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Customer satisfaction is the heart of quality management. We all serve our external customers, but most of also have internal (next process) customers. Everyone we serve is our customer and deserves to be treated with the same care and respect as the ultimate customer.

How do we use it?

  1. We divide our work process into inputs, activities and outputs.
  2. We determine who receives our outputs; that is, who are our next process customers.
  3. We work with our customers to determine what the valid requirements are for our process outputs.
  4. On the basis of valid requirements, we develop quality indicators through which we can monitor our performance in an ongoing way.
  5. We take corrective action when necessary to satisfy customer needs.

When do we use it?

“Customer next process” should be the motto that guides all our interactions with other departments or areas that we impact within the company. It can help us get a new perspective on what we do and how we are doing it?

Why do we use it?

We use the customer next process concept to bring the necessity for quality to every aspect of our work, both internally (within the company) and externally.

The customer satisfaction philosophy

  1. We are in a long term relationship with our customers.
  2. We must help our customers identify and satisfy their needs and wants.
  3. These needs and wants are bound to change and evolve.
  4. We must keep the lines of communication open between suppliers and customers.

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